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wall paint that purifies the air indoors

This innovative matt wall paint removes up to 70% of harmful formaldehyde molecules from the air, resulting in a better indoor climate. Sigma Air Pure convincingly won the first prize in the battle for the title ‘Best Product of Belgium 2018-2019’.

Sigma Air Pure is an innovative biobased wall paint with an air purifying effect. Because furniture, carpets, interior materials as well as building materials such as chipboard and fibreboard emit formaldehyde (one of the most harmful volatile organic compounds), indoor air quality often leaves much to be desired. Thanks to Air Purifying Technology, Sigma Air Pure filters these formaldehyde molecules from the air and neutralises them. Depending on the surface and concentration of harmful substances, Sigma thus signs several years for better air quality in the home or office.

  • Sigma Air Pure neutralizes formaldehyde from the air and contributes to a better indoor climate
  • Sigma Air Pure is sustainable thanks to renewable raw materials
  • Sigma Air Pure is 45% biobased
  • Very light processing
  • Very matt end result

Main characteristics


Practically 7.5 – 10 m² / liter
The practical return depends on a number of factors such as shape of the object, condition and profile of the surface, application method, experience and weather conditions.

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