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oplossingen luchtkwaliteit

Indoor air is often just as dirty or even dirtier than outside air. On top of that we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors, and then you realize, there is a problem. Airvisor therefore wants to measure the quality of indoor air in companies and provide tailor-made improvement solutions.

Poor indoor air quality has a drastic impact on business efficiency: productivity falls, attention decreases during meetings or trainings, absenteeism figures increase, and so on. Yet the problem is often treated in a step-like manner. Firstly, one does not see and smell the cause and secondly, the consequences only show themselves in the (medium) long term and are not automatically linked to that cause.

 Cost-efficient solutions

Airvisor wants to do something about that. “In order to convince companies, we start by showing scientifically how their indoor air currently is,” according to co-founder Roger. “Based on standard measurements and analysis of the results. We then coöperate with the manager and / or facility manager to develop personalized, cost-efficient solutions. Such as air purifiers or living green-walls. But we also help to optimize existing systems. For example, most companies have a HVAC system, but it works inefficiently or is never checked. We can point that out and adjust it accordingly. “


In addition to that hands-on advice, Airvisor has its own, unique solution for better indoor air quality. “We developed a revolutionary air monitor that measures, manages and analyzes air quality non-stop”, continues Roger. “Not only CO2 is detected, but also radon radiation, soot and all other potentially harmful gases, substances, bacteria and fungi. By monitoring the air quality permanently and in real time via our online platform, companies can demonstrably improve their indoor air. Especially since our device – if desired – can control the HVAC system itself. “

The numbers speak for themselves: better air quality can yield up to 10 percent more productivity, 79 percent more building efficiency and 35 percent less absenteeism. In short, Airvisor does not sell air, but a better working environment that guarantees a measurable return-on-investment.

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