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Codex over wellbeing at your workplace

Art. III.1-1.- This title applies to any place designated as a location for workplaces in the buildings of the enterprise or establishment, including any other place on the premises of the enterprise or establishment to which the employee has the execution of his work. This title does not apply to:

1 ° means of transport used outside the company or establishment, nor on the workplaces within transport vehicles;

2 ° temporary or mobile construction sites;

3 ° extractive industries;

4 ° fishing vessels;

5 ° fields, forests and other sites that are part of a farm or forestry business but are located outside the built area of that farm.

Chapter IV.- Air exchange Art. III.1-34.-

The employer ensures that the employees in the workrooms have sufficient fresh air, taking into account the working methods and the physical efforts to be made by the employees. To this end, the employer will take the necessary technical or organizational measures to ensure that the CO2 concentration in these workrooms is less than 800 ppm, unless it can demonstrate that this is not possible for objective and well-founded reasons. In any case, the CO2 concentration in these workrooms must never exceed 1200 ppm

Art. III.1-36.

If an air change installation is used, in particular air conditioning systems or mechanical ventilation systems, it must meet the following conditions:

1° It is so constructed that it spreads fresh air, which is evenly distributed over the workrooms;

2° It is constructed in such a way that the employees are not exposed to nuisance due to temperature fluctuations, drafts, noise or vibrations;

3° it is set to such an extent that the average relative humidity of the air during a working day is between 40 and 60%, unless this is not possible for technical reasons;

4° it is maintained in such a way that any deposits of dirt and contamination or contamination of the installation are prevented or that this dirt is removed as quickly as possible or the installation is cleaned, so that every risk to the health of the employees due to the contamination or contamination of the inhaled air is prevented or limited;

5° faults are reported by a control system;

6° the employer takes the necessary measures to ensure that the installation is regularly checked by an authorized person, so that it is ready for use at all times. The relative humidity referred to in the first paragraph, 3 ° may be between 35 and 70% if the employer shows that the air contains no chemical or biological agents that could pose a risk to the safety and health of the persons present at the workplace.

As usual, the legislation is lagging behind because there are many more pollutants and gases in your indoor climate. The air you breathe at the office can probably be improved a lot. Just think of nitrogen dioxide, soot, fine dust, formaldehyde and much more.

Feel free to contact us for a free-spirited conversation, a healthy indoor climate results directly in proportion to better business results.

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