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our solutions for air quality

cost-efficient, tailor-made, state-of-the-art with enormous ROI

Solutions and Possibilities

We offer a wide range of cost-efficient solutions and possibilities. All individually and tailored for your company.

This is based on our revolutionary air monitor, which continuously measures, manages and analyzes the quality of the indoor air, we also measure radon radiation, soot and all kinds of harmful gases, substances, bacteria and fungi that your staff daily inhales.

During and after a measurement campaign we will gather around the table with you, possibly your HVAC supplier and / or facility managers, to discuss problems and possible solutions.


Some of our solutions for poor air quality are air purifiers, the adjustment of your HVAC installation by our monitors via API, but also live greenwalls, which are possible solutions.

A standard solution is usually not sufficient, we work Tailor-Made for your company, for you and the staff, because every company and its employees are unique, just like our air quality solutions.