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actually indoor air quality is for everyone, regardless of market


Did you know that people take between 17,000 and 23,000 breaths per day? Create healthy, safe and productive workplaces by understanding the important IAQ factors that drive health in buildings with our Indoor Air Quality sensors.

The revolutionary IAQ solution delivers industrial level measurements, in real time, for sustainable, energy-efficient buildings all over the world.


Did you know that the lung is the most common lesion location due to pollutants in the air? Or that every cough and sneeze produces contagious microscopic particles in the air?

Prevent the spread of communicable diseases, hospital infections and infectious diseases with real-time monitoring of particles, temperature, humidity, air pressure and indoor air quality gases and pollutants.


Students spend a huge amount of time in school buildings! Students with asthma miss a huge amount of school days per school year. Children are regularly exposed to adverse environmental exposure due to school decay, water damage, poor sanitation, which aggravates airway disease.

Create optimal learning conditions by monitoring indoor air quality pollutants in real time and seeing immediately measurable results. Sensitization for school-age youth is also important, our devices give a direct indication that something is wrong so that students themselves are involved.


Did you know that uncontrolled indoor air can cause health problems for guests such as headaches and fatigue. It has never been easier to give air quality the attention it deserves.

For the first time hoteliers can be sure that staff and managers have real-time text and e-mail notifications about irregular air pollution. Our minimalist designed device offers guests a trademark for excellence in health, safety and comfort.

More markets

But also think of air quality in museums for maintaining art and of course pleasant air for visitors, workshops, showrooms, but also think about Retail!

Do you think you still have a lot energy to shop when CO2 levels go sky-high, when you get tired and languid? Do not underestimate the quality of air in a retail environment.