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Polluting gases and substances in your indoor air, buildings and offices

We measure and analyze air quality.

At the bottom you will find a table with the most common pollutants and particles in the air.

Air quality

Just like water, air is essential for the quality of our lives. This allows us to function, think, live and work and generally feel good. We cannot live without. Research has shown that the vast majority of employees perform better if the air quality is good and ventilation is optimized.

We at “airvisor” are experts and consultants in the field of air quality. We inspect, measure and analyze the air in buildings, which results in the best approach for a pleasant climate in the workplace or at home.


Measurement | Analyze Reporting | Solutions

Microbiological research

Determining and researching bacteria, fungi and yeasts

Chemical air quality analysis

Detecting and checking chemical elements such as formaldehyde, organic substances and more

Physical air quality research

Research and measurement of CO2 concentrations, (% RH) relative humidity), temperature and more.

Monsters and air samples

We can take samples of prints and surfaces.

Air speed and flow

Research into the speed of air (draft) and creating airflow profiles to trace the cause.

Fine dust

Research into particulate matter fractions smaller than 10 ┬Ám and the analysis thereof.


Research and measurements on Radon radiation

Printers and devices

Research and measurements of (O3) Ozone and particulate matter emissions from office equipment.

Indoor and outdoor air

Research and optimization of the balance between indoor and outdoor air quality.

This is a selection of what we can measure, their causes and effect.

Most common polluents and contamination

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