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Biggest problems due to poor indoor air quality [IAQ]


Productivity declines rapidly due to poor air quality


Absenteeism rises as bad air quality increases


Profitability decreases as more air pollution occurs


Building efficiency is worse with more air pollution

Healthy indoor air is beneficial for your BPP.
“Building | People | Productivity ”

We are specialists in measuring, analyzing and providing solutions for your indoor air quality

Analyzing air quality:

has interesting benefits

Measuring and analyzing air to ultimately create a pleasant and healthy climate gives immediate results and is probably one of your best ROIs for your company.

The following figures are based on scientific studies:

  • Profitability per employee increases by 15,500 € / year
  • Productivity goes up by 10% and even by 50% for cognitive skills
  • Absenteeism decreases by as much as 35%
  • Building efficiency can rise to 79% with HAVC savings

the costs increase

due to strong air pollution

The European Commission has calculated the costs of air pollution for Belgium. The external health costs were estimated at more than 8 billion euros per year!

  • 2.5 million lost working days per year
  • costs for employers 401 million euros / year
  • health care more than € 32 million / year
are more and more isolated
rises more and more
+90% time
we spend indoors
2 tot 10*
indoor air is worse


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