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The evidences

that healthy air is one of the best ROIs for your company

Save up to € 15,500 per employee per year

A joint study in 2015 between Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and United Technologies Climate, Controls & Security found a strong correlation between air quality and productivity.

The study tested employee performance in environments with “healthy” and “unhealthy” air.

In healthy air conditions: the results generated performance gains of € 15,500 in extra income per employee per year.

Reduce employee absenteeism by 35%

Reduce absenteeism by 35% by maintaining a healthy and safe air-environment.

The World Green Building Council discovered that workplaces with healthy indoor air experience 35% less absence of sick leave in the short term.

Improve performance

Employee productivity can increase to 10% for overall productivity and their cognitive skills can increase by up to 50% for both open and closed spaces.

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health research showed offices that reduced their carbon dioxide content from typical office conditions of 1400 ppm to the prescribed values and noticed a 50% increase in scores on cognitive functions in tests.

The article

Increase building efficiency

Achieve up to 79% HVAC energy savings through best practices for indoor air quality, such as improved ventilation.

Many offices use air conditioning without knowing if the outside air is sufficient – we can help you decide when mixed mode and natural ventilation methods can be combined, saving 79% on energy costs, according to The World Green Building Council

Smart devices

We work with smart air instrumentation, our systems can control your complete HVAC system.


We report all findings and sit round the table in consultation with you, facility management companies and HVAC specialists.

Air data

The measured and generated data ends up neatly and conveniently on one platform for your company.


Every building and company is different, every use as well, therefore we deliver tailor-made solutions based on your needs.

Perfect investment

Our systems are mobile, affordable and the perfect investment for your company. The ROI is very high, convince yourself.

We are everywhere

Do you have another branch, no problem, our work area is Europe and further if necessary.