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roet in je bloed
On the basement of the Biomedical Research Institute in Diepenbeek, Hannelore Bové (28) peeps through a Zeiss microscope to a few drops of urine from a boy from Brussels. She projects the results on her screen. At first glance, a monotonous black rectangular plane appears. But Bové points us to a small white dot, like...
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binnenluchtkwaliteit klachten
According to a recent study of 23,000 employees, one in three office workers in Flanders complained about bad office air. ‘These reports concern odor nuisance, poor air humidity, vapors, inadequate ventilation or particulate matter at the workplace,’ says Lode Godderis, professor of Occupational Medicine at KU Leuven. ‘After all, the ventilation systems not only pull...
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oplossingen luchtkwaliteit
Indoor air is often just as dirty or even dirtier than outside air. On top of that we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors, and then you realize, there is a problem. Airvisor therefore wants to measure the quality of indoor air in companies and provide tailor-made improvement solutions. Poor indoor air quality...
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