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fijnstof in de lucht

Particulate matter (PM) kills you faster than smoking

Fine dust consists of small particles with diameters of less than 10 microns, e.g. soot from diesel vehicles or incinerators. Particulate matter is a cause of respiratory diseases and increases the risk of cancer. We...
roet in je bloed

In or around a big city, you have 178% more soot in your blood – (BlackCarbon – BC)

On the basement of the Biomedical Research Institute in Diepenbeek, Hannelore Bové (28) peeps through a Zeiss microscope to a few drops of urine from a boy from Brussels. She projects the results on her...
sigma air pure

wall paint that purifies the air indoors

This innovative matt wall paint removes up to 70% of harmful formaldehyde molecules from the air, resulting in a better indoor climate. Sigma Air Pure convincingly won the first prize in the battle for the...
binnenluchtkwaliteit klachten

one in three employees suffer from unhealthy air at the office

According to a recent study of 23,000 employees, one in three office workers in Flanders complained about bad office air. ‘These reports concern odor nuisance, poor air humidity, vapors, inadequate ventilation or particulate matter at...
oplossingen luchtkwaliteit

oxygen for your company | pressrelease

Indoor air is often just as dirty or even dirtier than outside air. On top of that we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors, and then you realize, there is a problem. Airvisor...
indoor air quality in offices

The importance of good air quality in the office

Our air is inexhaustible, but there is still room for improvement in the quality of both indoor and outdoor air. How can we achieve this in the Netherlands & Belgium? Air quality is important, especially...
luchtvervuiling voor kinderen

Vier op de tien kinderen ademen ‘giftige lucht’ in op weg naar school

4 op 10 kinderen in het basisonderwijs ademen giftige lucht in die de richtlijnen van de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie schendt, onthult een onderzoek. Dit artikel gaat over schoolgaande jeugd in Londen maar we kunnen je verzekeren dat...
fijnstof in paardestallen

IAQ – indoor air quality in horse stables is important

We do not have to make a drawing, but horses are indeed living and even precious animals. That is why you want to make sure that in the summer, but especially in winter, the horses...
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