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Building assessment

Establish a healthy baseline for your air quality through monitoring.

Solution selection

Let yourself be matched with the most effective solutions for your situation.

Problem identification

Locate critical areas in your facility with evidence to support this.

Efficacy testing

Ensure your efforts pay off with ongoing support and insights.

Select your type of building or function

schools and air quality

Schools & Universities

  • Identify seriously contaminated areas that hinder the well-being of students and staff
  • Provide good ventilation and air filtration to reduce disease transmission
  • Monitor the risk of fungal outbreaks and monitor the conditions for asthma attacks
  • Increase energy efficiency and address sustainability goals
  • Prioritize areas with a lot of activity, such as sports and other recreational facilities


Make sure your indoor air quality is safe for patients / residents and employees.

  • Check particulate matter levels, chemical concentrations and more.
  • Make sure your HVAC system provides safe air effectively.
  • Reduce operating costs, optimize ventilation planning and improve HVAC maintenance
  • Prevent airborne diseases with air quality data
  • Use air quality and filter data to provide healthy air at a lower cost.
healthcare and air quality
air quality offices

Offices & commercial buildings

Create a next-level experience for your office or other workplace.

  • Welcome staff and residents back to the office with confidence.
  • Improve employee productivity, well-being and overall comfort.
  • Reduce operating costs, optimize ventilation planning and improve maintenance
  • Reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission
  • Prioritize areas with high occupancy, such as meeting and conference rooms.

Hotels & Hospitality

Proactively address guest concerns and position your resort a lot higher.

  • Make sure that non-smoking and smoking areas are kept separate.
  • Let guests know you care with healthy indoor air quality and backed up data
  • Monitor and address problem areas before they affect personnel and customers
  • Reduce the risk of exposure to airborne diseases with proactive management
Hotels & Hospitality air quality
ventilatie en luchtkwaliteit

HVAC Professionals


Differentiate your air conditioning solution by understanding the true value of indoor air quality from your customers’ perspective.

airvisor has written a whitepaper for the HVAC professional. How do you use air quality to generate more sales with your customers?

Define and measure indoor air quality

One problem plaguing the industry is that there is no unambiguous definition of what indoor air quality means. In essence, everyone understands that good indoor air quality means that the air is reasonably free of pollutants, toxins or dangerous microbes. However, there is still no major consensus on how to define indoor air quality.

This lack of a clear definition means that it can be difficult to know how to measure indoor air quality. While measuring the amount of CO2 in the air is generally considered a good measure of how good indoor air quality is, this measure does not take into account things like mold, bacteria and allergens that go unchecked and can develop into the sick-building-syndroom

Facility Managers

Our solution is the answer to your indoor air quality challenges. Say goodbye to lengthy air quality audits, isolated measurements and unclear results. Our indoor air quality monitoring and management solutions enable you to quickly receive continuous real-time measurements. We will inform you about issues worthy of your attention and support you in understanding the situation and dealing quickly with challenges.


Airvisor’s indoor air quality monitoring and management solutions are rapidly deployable and show immediate results based on the most recent knowledge of indoor air quality and its effects.

facility managers


Our air quality monitoring solutions are simple to use. When there is an issue that deserves your attention, we will proactively notify you


Our solutions are based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technology, making air quality monitoring finally affordable.